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If there's one thing we won't do, we won't force a moment. The sky fell right before the pictures above were taken. In fact, the forecast that day turned so bleak, we weren't sure if photos outside would be possible at all. With acceptance of this, we kept a close eye on when we might be able to rearrange our schedule and take these magical portraits. If it works out, then it works out. - Luckily, it worked out. Just as the sun was setting. There are very few times where you have everyone you love and care for gathered together - much less for a whole weekend. Your sole focus should be on immersing yourself in the moments with them. We will handle everything else, weather and all.

Made organically

we believe a truly successful event has one thing:

Our meticulous process is designed to seamlessly translate our years of knowledge in a condensed manner to allow you to make educated (and, dare we say - easy) choices about your wedding. Our end product is a setting that anticipates all guest's needs and sparks comfort, joy, and awe.


We create


We pour ourselves into our designs, so much so that we get first-day-of-school nervous excitement before sharing our mood boards with our clients - we really, truly care. For weeks, we take meetings with our vendor partners to budget out the design and tweak details, while also poring over linen swatches and architecture and travel magazines (where a lot of our inspiration comes from!) The end product is something we couldn't be more proud of. A standalone design uniquely personal to our clients. Our portfolio is a glimpse into our souls - a handpicked selection of our lovingly crafted designs.

unmatched attention to detail

our work

Planning a wedding is no walk in the park and wedding weekend minutes are quite literally the opposite of treadmill minutes. We want you to enjoy every second and be present, and we also want you to have fun during the planning.  

Our approach is simple. We're your teammate from day one.

Pop + Fizz

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what our clients are saying:

"I cannot speak highly enough about Pop + Fizz - Our planner Karen was AMAZING. We are all basically best friends after our 13 month planning journey together. There were so many logistics to work through, and we also invited over 250, so there was so much going on. Karen and her team crushed it! They have so many relationships with local vendors, and whenever my wife and I were super overwhelmed with planning, Karen and her team always were there to figure it out. Karen always had wonderful suggestions and recommendations, and did whatever she could to make our lives easier. Everything from the food, band, venue, etc. - top notch. And the design Karen curated was so beautiful and so our vibe. When I felt super stressed about forgetting to do something planning related, Karen would have already taken care of it. She was organized, punctual, professional, and super fun. The wedding was the best day of our lives, and it would not have been possible without Karen and the Pop + Fizz team."

"best day of our lives"

— Sage + Zachary

"We chose the full service planning package from Pop + Fizz and it was well worth it!! We had monthly check-ins with Payton to keep us on track and on budget. She communicated with all of our vendors for us and made great recommendations due to her wealth of knowledge of the industry. She made a detailed timeline for our day and kept everything on track and running smoothly. I truly don't know what we would have done without her! Pop + Fizz was fun and professional to work with and I would recommend them to anyone!

"Would recommend them to anyonE!"

— Madison + Ryan

"I will probably never have enough words of praise to describe how good this company is. They plan everything with absolute precision and build in enough flexibility to adapt to anything. They are so professional and they stay calm even as I, mother of the bride, panicked at one point. They were kind, personable, smart in every way, poised and I can't imagine how it would have been a success without them. You should hire them without a doubt or hesitation and a word of advise from someone who just went through it, don't worry about a thing, they got it."

"You should hire them without a doubt."

— Mariana S.

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